The daily management of Corona Consulting is in the hand of Anatoli van der Krans. Anatoli is an lawyer with a great interest in economics and specialized in advising shareholders and corporations.

His focus is on the cutting edge of law and economics. His style can be described as an effective combination of human- and purpose oriented.
Anatoli studies financial law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He started his career as an associate professor corporate law at the Utrecht University. Besides lecturing he did extensive research into corporate governance and the virtual general meeting of shareholders in particular (PhD). After finishing his PhD-thesis, he joined a major law firm in Amsterdam to assist corporation and financial supervisors. While working as a senior advisor responsible investment at one of the largest pension asset managers he gained lots of experience with Active Ownership, ESG integration, Shareholder Litigation, Client Relationship Management and CSR. Anatoli is chief-editor of  ‘Onderneming & Financiering’, one of the most respected scientific corporate law journals. He publishes and speaks regularly. He is a Board Member of the Foundation Electronic Communication between Corporations and Shareholders (SECVA).

Corona Consulting has access to a broad network of professional with the same vision and philosophy: people with experience and authority in their field and with the urge to achieve clear results.

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Good corporate governance is nowadays an essential in modern corporate thinking. Classic corporate governance was very much legal framed and focused primerely on the internal relation of the different organs of a corporations. Amongst corporate and academic leaders have added to this spectrum aspects like risks, compliance and culture (RCC). Expectation/ pressure on corporations from society, shareholders and supervisors has increased to take their corporate social responsibility  and to take material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account. ESG factors and risk, compliance and culture can best be approached from an holistic/ integral way. Corona Consulting advises corporations and non-profit organizations how to best implement an optimal governance structure. Examples are:

  • Implementation good governance (codes)
  • Risk governance
  • Stakeholder dialogue, communication and rapports
  • Risk culture (including behaviour aspects)
  • Board evaluation, improvements and education
  • (re)development and implementation of Code of Conduct
  • Interim management by governance professionals/ corporate secretary

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Corona Consulting defines responsible investment as investment activities in which environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are taken into account. This matches with an investment portfolio that strikes a balance between the fiduciary duty (risk/ return- profile) and the societal (moral) responsibilities of investors.

Corona Consulting believes that companies that have imbedded a strong an coherent Corporate Social Responsibility-strategy will outperform the market on the long run. Responsible Investment is however not only about integrating ESG in investments.

The other side of the same medal is active ownership. The three instruments of active ownership are voting, dialogue and shareholder litigation. Corona Consulting has lots of experience helping investors to optimally exercise these rights in order to influence the Board of corporations. This may matter corporate governance, corporate strategy, finance, environmental or social issues.


The Dutch society generally prefers to settle disputes without going to court. However, an increasing number of  jurisdictions worldwide provide shareholders and/ or interested parties an opportunity to litigate. These opportunities are at least present in the United States, for instance with the US Class Action system. Corona Consulting can assist investors with the recovery of investment losses worldwide. We offer recovery services on a global scale in cases of corporate misconduct, market abuse, violation of corporate laws and securities laws, bankruptcy or restructuring, investment fraud and similar situations.

The main objectives of becoming active in shareholder litigation are indemnification, long term value creation, the company’s business continuity and/or accomplishing good corporate governance and corporate behavior. We will only advice cases where there is a clear legal merit to it, such as – but not limited to – fraud and/or improper corporate governance. Pursuing these cases can have a purifying effect on the company, especially when going after the wrong-doers and when pursuing corporate governance and changes in corporate behavior.

Corona Consulting does not litigate cases itself but can advice investors and help them with the execution. Before initiating a case, the case has to be evaluated on a number of criteria including jurisdiction, strength & weakness, track record of the lawyer, story in the media, financing etc. Going forward, Corona Consulting can help investors monitoring the case and negotiating a settlement. All of the above in close communication and consultation with your fund.


Modern means of communication allow shareholders to communicate quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively with each other and the Board and to cast their votes. Especially for corporations with (world) widespread stock, modern ways of communication may imply an enormous stimulus to participation and

representation at the AGM. Corporations may profit from these modern means of communication by choosing for an entire virtual general meeting, a hybrid meeting or an physical meeting combined with webcast. At a virtual shareholders meeting there is no physical gathering of shareholders, but they will be able to assemble and vote via the internet. A hybrid meeting is a formal physical meeting preceded by a virtual discussion. Corona Consulting is exceptionally well positioned to advise about the considerations (legal, technical and corporate governance) to employ modern means of communication.

For your perusal: The Virtual Annual Meeting of Shareholders, by A. van der Krans 2009
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